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Purchasing Models

If you are interested in purchasing any of the ship, airplane, or military miniature models displayed in the photo galleries on the linked website, please submit your inquiry using the form to the left.  John’s administrator will reply within 2 days.  


Over 150 of the airplanes and military miniatures have won “trophies” at International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) model contests at various levels, including quite a few at national conventions.  


John’s scratchbuilt 1:1200 and 1:1250 scale ships are among the finest available in the world and as unique, one of a kind “works of art”— not taking anything away from the better commercial models in 1:1250 scale, many of which are very well done, some superbly done.  


Miniature Modeling TM invites your interest and asks that you inform anyone you know who is interested in collecting first class models about this website.

Thank you for your interest. We will reply as quickly as possible.