About Me


How did all these models come about?​

In 1968, I met a member of the Sacramento, California chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) and was introduced to the world of “serious, yet fun” plastic modeling, using kits as the basis for the models.  Since then, I have won over 150 IPMS awards for my plastic airplane models and have modeled in all the usual scales—1/72, 1/48, 
and 1/32.  My emphasis with the airplane models depicted herein in the Airplane Gallery has been on correcting errors, improving or scratch building cockpits, interiors, and wheel wells, and opening various panels to show gun detail or electronics bays on modern aircraft.  Each model, with few exceptions, is of a particular aircraft as flown during a given time period and by a specific pilot.  I hope you enjoy looking at these models, which gave me such pleasure to build and paint over many years.  


In 1964, I began building my “fleets” of 1:1200 scale scratch built warship models, building pretty much exclusively models of ships since 1914.  Many different navies are represented by the ships in the Ship Gallery.  All models are scratch built, using balsa, Bristol Board art paper, plastic shapes such as rods, tubes, and various size strips, and brass wire from my local train 
hobby shop.  As such, each model is unique and two models of ships in the same class have differences just as the prototypes did.  The Internet Age has introduced me to others who are interested in making model ships in this and other scales or in collecting commercially produced models in 1:1250 scale (and some in 1:1200 scale).  If you are one of those, I am pleased to share my models with you and to make your acquaintance.


I have always been interested in models of soldiers (called military miniatures) of the Napoleonic era.  The colorful uniforms and many details have fascinated me, and I have built numerous models of both foot and mounted figures, using the now out-of-production Historex line of figures.  I think I like gluing all the many tiny parts together to make the model, rather than merely painting one that is essentially already assembled.  If you are interested in military miniatures, I hope you find the Military Miniatures Gallery pleasing.