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Welcome! This site contains photographs of model airplanes in various scales, model ships in 1:1200 scale and 1:1250 scale, and mostly Napoleonic period military miniatures. You may also enjoy the articles John Youngerman wrote describing modeling techniques for scratch building 1:1200 scale ship models.

F-111F Aardvark
USS Alaska
"The Death Dealer"
Military Miniatures

Of Note

John's unique scratch built 1:1250 scale model ships are now available for purchase.  John Youngerman Collection –


The Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA has the very first presentation of John's model airplane work on display as of April 2022.

We are also honored by the Palm Springs Air Museum who is in the process of inventorying some of John's research documentation.  

About Miniature Modeling


Scratch-Building Techniques

Many people would say that John couldn’t build respectable models using balsa wood as my basic material, but he disagreed. He was able to use balsa exclusively and able to achieve credible results with elementary tools and a minimum of time.

Details in 1200 Scale

Step by step construction techniques aimed at producing reasonably good looking models of U.S. twin and quad 40 mm emplacements and British quad and octuple barrel pom-poms of WW2 vintage.

How did all these models come about?​

In 1968, John met a member of the Sacramento, California chapter of the  International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) and was introduced to the world of serious, yet fun, plastic modeling, using kits as the basis for the models...

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Please click image to view a slideshow presentation of a book created to honor John Youngerman's selected favorite models.
Click the video to pause it. Sound may be toggled on/off at the bottom right of video. 

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